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Kitchen Renovation Tips

Great tips are worth reading about

Here are some great tips to consider when you’re renovating your kitchen.

  1. Because you don't buy a new kitchen every day - most people don't really know how much a new kitchen should cost. We understand real quality and our buying power and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes mean that your dream kitchen is more affordable than many companies will tell you.
  2. Get the cabinet sizes and styles that work best for you and your home, only a made-to-measure kitchen can maximise the space and functionality of your new kitchen.
  3. You need to be comfortable that your kitchen supplier is listening to you. You will notice a Kenwood Kitchen designer asks lots ofquestions, listens to you as we aim to gain a clear understanding of your preferred style and layout.
  4. Always ensure that your kitchen is manufactured by appropriately trade-qualified professionals. Kenwood Kitchens has a team of professional tradesmen.
  5. Get your house ready for the renovation team well before their arrival date. Remove items that you don’t want to use in your new kitchen, put things in boxes and label them. You’ll need a room in the house for your microwave and food requirements.
  6. Your kitchen should reflect you, not look like a showroom.

If in doubt about any aspect of your kitchen renovation, please contact us and ask as many questions as you like. Use Kenwood Kitchens experience to cover any points you may be unsure about.

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For a free quote or to discuss your kitchen requirements book a free design consultation online now.