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Say Goodbye To Chaos And Hello To Organisation

What’s the first step in banishing clutter from you cooking area, its about creating zones in you kitchen. Kenwood Kitchens will plan and design your kitchen around four main zones: preparation, cooking, storage and clean-up. Each zone is separate but they also need to flow so that working in your kitchen is easy and enjoyable.

Kitchen cabinets and drawers should be organised so that similar items are together, as well as to how often they are used. A great idea is to have daily accessed items at an arms length and at eye level while items used less frequently can be stored further back but not to high up. Items used rarely or never should be placed at the back in low places or you could even consider discarding them.

Before we start designing your kitchen with you. think about:

  • Your needs and how you will use the space.
  • The limitations of your area (we will solve them)
  • Who will be using the kitchen
  • What appliances are most frequently used
  • Whether you like spotless benchtops or prefer having items on display

Ergonomically recommended storage areas for various items.

In general, frequently used items should be stored within easy reach such as in the top drawer or in the bottom of a wall cabinet. Items used less often can be stored above and below those areas. Seldom-used items can be placed on the top shelf of a wall cabinet. This saves time during daily kitchen activity.

Small space, no problem

  • Plan our space carefully and stick with the four zones
  • Utilise any vertical space that is available
  • A row of shelving provide handy storage space
  • A tall thin ceiling-to-floor cabinet provide an impression of space in your kitchen

Kenwood Kitchens with Blum have a multitude of space saving storage solutions that will ensure your kitchen remains useable, clean and tidy. View some of the great organisation solutionsfrom Blum in the The Blum Effect area of our website.

10 Year Guarantee
10 Year Guarantee

All Kenwood Kitchens cabinets, doors and benchtops are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of original installation.

Are you after expert advice?
Are you after expert advice?

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