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Laundry Cabinets And Bathroom Vanities

In your dream home, you want every room to be perfect, especially hard-working or high-traffic areas like the laundry and bathroom. When they look their best, these spaces improve your lifestyle and add outstanding value to a property.

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Keen to begin your new bathroom or laundry journey but not sure where to start? Chat to the experts! Book a free custom laundry and vanity design consultation with Kenwood Kitchens today. We’re here to remove any challenges or uncertainties and help turn your dream home into an amazing reality.

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Experienced craftsmanship bringing your custom vanity and laundry cabinet design to life

There’s so much to consider in bathroom and laundry renovations. Custom laundry cabinets and bathroom vanities play a vital role in the process. But don’t worry – you’re in great hands with Kenwood Kitchens!

With over 35 years of experience in custom bathroom vanity and laundry cabinets, our team effortlessly creates dream designs that truly work for you and your family. So don’t imagine your perfect space on a Pinterest board and think it’s impossible – make it happen!

Our talented designers create beautiful bespoke designs from your dream brief. Once you’re delighted, we involve our Sydney-based, state-of-the-art manufacturers. Using only premium quality materials, custom vanities and laundry hamper cabinets are brought to life before we manage the seamless installation. With our team taking care of your designer cabinetry, you can expect a bathroom or laundry renovation that looks like a dream and works like one, too!


Trust Kenwood Kitchens to deliver your perfect bathroom vanity or laundry sink cabinet

Our people are passionate about contributing to beautiful, functional spaces in some of the most important rooms in a home. We’ve looked after cabinetry design and manufacture for countless Sydney residential renovations in our 35+ years of business, and we know clients appreciate us for the following:

  • Beautiful bespoke designs – set new standards and avoid looking like every other home on the block.
  • Holistic interior design – we share our knowledge with you so that this process is as informative and enriching as possible.
  • Incredible quality custom-made bathroom vanity and laundry cabinetry – the dream isn’t just in the development but in the exemplary level of craftsmanship and attention to detail right the way through.
  • Smooth installation – we coordinate everything to run like clockwork and minimise disruption to family life.
  • Professionalism – from friendly customer service to talented designers, skilled craftspeople and a courteous and efficient installation team, we deliver a red-carpet experience from start to finish.
  • 10-year guarantee – we have total confidence in our premium quality materials and manufacturing methods.

Laundry & Vanity Designs

Enjoy a showcase of our latest Laundry and Vanity designs & renovations throughout Sydney.

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Our Sydney-wide satisfied customers love their new bathroom and laundry cabinetry

Why not hear what countless customers have to say about Kenwood Kitchen designs, manufacturing and project management? We pride ourselves on our flawless customer feedback and get huge satisfaction from knowing so many bathrooms and laundries in Sydney work efficiently and look magnificent.

Reviews & Testimonials
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Reviews & Testimonials


Book a free design consultation now!

For a no-cost quote or to discuss your laundry requirements, book a free design consultation online.