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Kitchen Renovations Ashbury

What dream kitchen are you planning for your Ashbury home?

A start-from-scratch family property renovation, a brand-new build or perhaps a kitchen remodel? Whatever your goals, the Kenwood Kitchens team has the skills and experience to turn your vision into reality.

For over three decades our company has provided high-end kitchen designs at reasonable prices to Ashbury homes. We delight in creating beautiful, practical, and timeless kitchens for our customers and their families.

If you’re looking to increase the value of your property or searching for a forever home, Kenwood Kitchens can help you get the best outcome!

Kitchen Makeovers Sydney

Our kitchen renovation service

Our kitchen plan, design and installation extends across a number of services.

Customised kitchen services

A customised kitchen is the ultimate project. You get exactly what you want, how you want, where you want. Your dedicated Kenwood Kitchens project manager works with you closely to translate your dreams into practical applications and design solutions.
We strive to create a kitchen that is second to none. Think meticulously chosen stainless steel appliances, custom-designed island benches, handcrafted cabinets, and top-notch materials and finishes. Is that dream starting to take shape…?!

Importantly, customised kitchens don’t just occur at the top end of budgets. Mid-range bespoke options are easily achievable. Indeed, that’s where Kenwood Kitchens excels – making luxury affordable!

So whatever your scale or budget, if you want a superb custom build, contact our team!

Kitchen renovations

Time for an entirely new kitchen layout or remodelling? Or are you looking to completely revamp your existing kitchen? Either way, we are the perfect team to help you make it happen. You won’t believe how seamless the kitchen renovation process can be.

Our kitchen planner will take you step-by-step through the journey of creating the kitchen of your dreams. They will help you choose the perfect design elements and ensure the space looks great and works well. Rest assured, you’re in the hands of experts, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

Kitchen design

Modern kitchen designs start with ideas.

It’s all about drawing inspiration from your own kitchen experience (what has worked in the past, what has not), making discoveries on Pinterest, in real-life cafes or bars, friends’ homes, etc. Once you have collected your thoughts, our kitchen design services expertly turn them into a practical response. This is an exciting stage and it will result in the best kitchen designs imaginable.

Only one of these services might be relevant to you. However, you might be considering a combination of projects. No job is too big or too small, as long as it reflects your desires and needs! Whether you are contemplating a single undertaking or you’d like us to bundle up a quote for several services, nothing is too complicated. Let’s start a conversation today.

Bathroom renovations Ashbury

Whilst we do not oversee entire bathroom renovations, we play a crucial role in providing some of the most important pieces to the puzzle! Our laundry cabinet and bathroom vanity service creates functional, highly desirable space and storage solutions to these important rooms.

Our bathroom designer works closely with you, paying attention to detail in all the hard-working areas. Before you know it, your unique bathroom remodel is complete and the space feels like a day spa!

Why Kenwood for your Ashbury kitchen?

We have over three and a half decades of expertise in creating stunning kitchen renovations and bathroom remodels across Ashbury. Over this time we have delighted countless local customers thanks in part to:

  • Flawless customer service
  • We don’t talk at you, we listen to you
  • We guide and support you from design through to conception
  • Features and finishes selected by you, backed by our expert advice
  • Impeccable workmanship
  • Highly skilled design team and specialist builders
  • Efficient & expert installation
  • Fully insured and licensed
  • Manage other tradespeople
  • Outstanding customer reviews

Interested to know more? Why not contact our team for some more eye-catching before and after photos? Nothing demonstrates our skills more effectively than seeing a project before our team gets involved, and then once they’ve finished! The results are truly remarkable.

Contact us about your kitchen renovation

Contact our team for the best kitchen renovations in Ashbury, NSW. We’re available for a no-obligation call. So why not reach out to us today and find out how much value we can deliver to your project? We promise the very best service and quality possible – let’s make this dream happen!